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Travel Size Hairstyling Tools from PLAY by TUFT - MyPeaceOfHeaven

Hello ladies! How’s the festive weekend coming along for you? It’s Deepavali annnd Halloween so I bet most of you are up and running about our little island. For me, I’m just happy to spend a little time catching up on rest. Been sewing much and also had a capsule launch over at, featuring our latest Colourblock Salad-Party Totes! What a busy week and it’s gonna get crazier soon because Holiday season is here, and that usually means craft fairs, meet ups with friends, and weddings to attend. Regardless, I still love year-ends though. How about you? :)

Well, I’ve got a really fun episode to share with you. Last Saturday, I was at PLAY by Tuft‘s hairstyling event and I totally embarrassed myself with the tools in front of the professional stylists. I can’t style my own hair for nuts (or rather, I’ve not attained that skill) – I can’t do all those pretty braids, because instead of my hair tangling, my fingers tangle with themselves. With regards to hair, I’ve pretty much called it quits. BUT that didn’t stop me from wanting to attend this event, because I really wanted to learn. Haha.

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