Play by TUFT

Play by TUFT Professional Home Hair Styling Tools

Hi Lovies, 

Sometime back, I got to know about these hair styling tools by the brand of PLAY by TUFT. Their tools are all professional hair salon standard made for home use and some of their tools are really portable for travelling. 

Check out their range of hair styling tools avaliable under PLAY by TUFT, ranging from heated combs to hair dryers, hair curlers and hair straighteners. They have a wide range to suit different hair needs. 

Before the start of the event, Feliza and I had some fun shots at their photobooth. 

Moving on to the event, we were taught how to use 4 of their key hair styling tools. 

First tool that was introduced to us was their Travel Curling Iron which had a retractable curling iron that can be stored inside the handle when not in use. 

The handle is heat-proof, so the handle doess not feel hot even after using the curler. This is an absolute travel essential for all jet-setters!

Tip 1: To achieve korean style curls, curl the iron inwards whreas for the fridge, curl in outwards. 

Tip 2: In order not to get yourself burnt, use your thumb as the safety reference to ensure that the curler is at a safe distance away from your face. 

After curling, this is the result that the iron curler can help you to achieve. if you think that the curls are too tight, you can run your fingers through your hair to loosen up. 

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