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Having a bad hair day could totally ruin our day - ShuQing

Having a bad hair day could totally ruin our day. 

Hence, women of all ages and walks of life should have the confidence and freedom to express themselves with their hair. To allow fuss free hair styling. Tai Wah Distributors introduce PLAY by TUFT, a collection of wallet friendly home hair styling tools inspired by the simple joys of life. They are conceptualised and created locally in Singapore. 

Understanding that 24 hours in a day are sometimes not enough for women in Singapore. PLAY by TUFT established this modish collection to give women more time for themselves, by having fabulous hair styles is just a click or touch away. 

Here I was at CLASSIC by TAI WAH where we have the opportunity to get hands on with the PLAY by TUFT styling tools. 

With these professional hair tools, we can create fabulous hair in the comforts at home at a fraction of the cost without having to book appointment at the hair salon for your salon blowout.

There are ten different hair tools in this range where we can style our hair with no hassle at all. 

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