Play by TUFT

Exclusive Interview with PLAY by TUFT Brand Manger, Doris - Elaine Heng

1. What is the philosophy behind the PLAY by TUFT? 

PLAY by TUFT is basically owned by Tai Wah. Tai Wah has been around for about 16 years in the professional trade industry for hair equipment.  Because of our expertise in the professional hair equipment over the years, we wanted to come up with more innovative styling products for the end users, the retail market.
We believe in coming up with innovative gadgets for the end users, the retail market and that’s where we came up with PLAY by TUFT.  This range of hair styling equipment is meant for consumers and retail market such that the styling tools are easy to use and manageable for home users
What can we find PLAY by TUFT in Singapore?  Which countries are PLAY by TUFT available?  Which countries will PLAY by TUFT be available?
You can find them at retail stores like Robinsons, Metro, Classic by Tai Wah, a retail store owned by Tai Wah and on our e-commerce store.
We also have distributors in Indonesia and Thailand.  We are also penetrating into Malaysia and looking at the USA and Hong Kong market.


2. Which is your favourite PLAY by TUFT hairstyling tool, and why?

We look at the current hairstyling retail products and we talk to customers on what they like for hair styling products.
Travel series, mini travel styler that is 2 in one, meant for straight hair
When you open the styler, it serves as a flat iron.  When you lock it, it becomes a curler.
The size is so small that you can put it inside the pouch that we designed. The plug is dual voltage, so you can use in Singapore and also bring overseas to use.

3. How does PLAY by TUFT stand out from other popular hairstyling tools brands in Singapore?  

We take pains to develop PLAY by TUFT.  We want to be different from others. Because of our experience in the professional hair styling equipment, we want to install the professional mechanism into our retail range.
We use better engines and mechanism which are more powerful, more durable, such that when you use our hairdryer, it is slightly heavier but it is more powerful.
We look at the retail range and see how we can be different.  That is how we come up with 2 in 1 styling range, travel range and mini hair dryers that are much more powerful than those hairdryers in hotel room so that end users can dry their hair faster.

4. What do you think consumers look for the most in hairstyling tools for use at home? 

Usually consumers want to have a quick hairdo and hairdryer is a must and styling tools are essential.
Consumers do not want to own so many styling tools hence we came up with a 2 in 1 styling tool and our flat iron can also be used as a curler.  We try to improvise and come up with hair styling products that are different from other retail ranges.
Our flat iron uses the idea which is similar to an iphone such that there are no buttons to choose the temperature but you key in the temperature you want and once you find that the temperature is right, you swipe to lock it so that you won’t accidentally change the temperature when you are styling your hair.

5. Can you share with me some upcoming exciting plans for PLAY BY TUFT?  

We are coming up with a new travel series, mini hair dryer where we increase the voltage and also the 2 in 1 hair styler.  At the same time, we are working on styling tools that can create curls that last longer, easier to handle and improve the hair condition.
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